Recipe – Easy Caprese

It’s not summer quite yet, but change is in the air. And with it, a whole new batch of cocktails! This one is certainly different, but in a good way. This is the definitive cocktail version of a caprese salad.


Many have tried to create a caprese cocktail before, but unlike those, this one actually tastes good. We use extra virgin olive oil-washed tequila, creating a smooth base to play upon. Tomato works double duty here, in our homemade tomato shrub syrup. It sweetens the drink just enough, and gives it a little acidity to keep it refreshing. And basil-infused blanc vermouth binds it all together.

Pair with a picnic on a nice day, or the classiest of croquet gatherings.


(Note: Feel free to scale ingredient costs up and down to fit your budget. These are the brands/types we used.)

1 1/2 oz. extra virgin olive oil-washed tequila blanco (espolón)
3/4 oz. tomato shrub
1/2 oz. bail-infused blanc vermouth (Dolin)

Shake all ingredients over ice, and double strain into a coupe glass.


This drink is savory, but surprisingly refreshing.  The vegetal notes of tequila blend well into the basil and olive oil. The tomato is a little sweet and a little sour in shrub form.


Stay cool.

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