Recipe – Drake’s Plunder

This drink was the culmination of trying to incorporate Midori into a modern cocktail. Its sweet melon flavor was particularly difficult to balance, but in the end Cynar and Chartreuse did the trick. The drink ended up using ingredients from around the world, particularly seafaring nations, hence the nod to the great circumnavigator.

Drake's Plunder


(Note: Feel free to scale ingredient costs up and down to fit your budget. These are the brands/types we used.)

2 oz. Tawny Port (Otima 10 year)
3/4 oz. Cynar
1/2 oz. Midori
1/4 oz. Green Chartreuse

Stir all ingredients over ice, and pour slowly into a coupe.


Lip-smacking, Midori’s melon combines with the sharp herbs of Chartreuse. The port offers just a touch of nutty richness.


Venture everything!

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