Recipe – Derailleur

This drink was made for a cocktail competition hosted by Cardinal Spirits and sponsored by Cardinal and Devour Btown, in Bloomington, Indiana. It features spirits from Cardinal, including their Terra Botanical Gin.

A town of many faces, Bloomington has something for everyone; local art, music festivals, tons of sports, beautiful nature excursions, interesting foreign food, and some great cocktails. Bloomington also has an affinity for bicycles. A derailleur is the mechanism that shifts the gears on a bike. This drink will do something similar to your taste buds.fullsizeoutput_267

Pair with a trip to Bloomington, or at least try something new wherever you live.


(Note: Feel free to scale ingredient costs up and down to fit your budget. These are the brands/types we used.)

2 oz. Terra Botanical Gin (from Cardinal Spirits)
1 oz. pineapple juice
3/4 oz. Songbird Coffee Liqueur (also from Cardinal Spirits)

Short shake all ingredients over ice, and strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.


Terra Gin uses a complex array of spices, but the zuta, an Israeli mint, shines through particularly well in this drink. It is refreshing without too much astringency, sweet without cloying.




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